Turn frustration
into freedom

Implement a simple proven set of operating tools to get more profit, accountability and results – and feel in control of your business.

Are you losing sleep?

Without a consistent and scalable way to set goals, creating accountability and aligning your team is harder than it needs to be. Everything is a priority which means nothing is. Instead of enjoying your business and achieving your vision, you’re left frustrated with people, process and underperformance.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

The sky’s the limit

Assemble your
winning team

Instill focus, discipline and accountability throughout your business

Equip them with
the right tools

Get them 100% focused
and aligned

Reach your summit

Accomplish your goals and build a business of legacy — not legend

Mike Taylor
Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

I’ve been there

Effective team leadership and business growth strategy are my passions. I’m a driven un-retired business owner dedicated to working with business owners and leadership teams to take them to the pinnacle of their business and professional careers.

My greatest strength is guiding others to find their path and to fulfill their vision of success. I work with them to build their vision and live into this vision by leveraging 40 plus years of my experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.

How do I do this? I do this by bringing structure and discipline around people with a purpose, with a playbook, performing at a high level and focusing on the profits.

As a Business Coach and Pinnacle Guide

All of my professional and business life, I have developed knowledge of taking a startup business with a vision to a successful business. I recently was reminded that during my career I have sold over $1.2 billion of products and  services. As a Pinnacle Business Guide, my passion is to bring Structure and Discipline around People with a Purpose and a Playbook Performing at a High Level and Focusing on Profits. I realized how important it was to have a coach guide me along the way during my journey. I was able to take my dream/vision and reach my pinnacle.

As a Business Owner

I had a vision when I was in my first year at the University Of Idaho. I started a Commercial Furniture Installation Company to help pay my way through school. In my first year in business, I was asked to lunch by a local Architect. When I arrived at lunch, the architect invited a guest that I had not met before. The guest engaged me about my background, where I grew up, and my family during our lunch. I was a little puzzled as I was unsure what this person was at lunch. At the end of the lunch, the guest stood up and reached out to shake my hand, and said “congratulations.” Puzzled, I asked for what? He said, “I am going to hire you to install the furniture for the new Toyota North American Headquarters. As a young man from a small town in Texas, I thought to myself, what is a Toyota? I realized that this lunch was an interview. This lunch launched my business career, and my company went on to employ over 150 people and revenue over $40 million during the next 22 years.  

As a person – I am blessed to be a Business Coach and a Mentor to our Miltary Veterans as they transition from active duty back to civilian and business life. As a business owner and coach, I have gathered over 42 years of experience that I have a passion for passing on to other business owners and young men and women transitioning from military life back to civilian life.

As a Husband, Father and PaDad  

I am married to the most wonderful and supportive wife I could have dreamed of for 42 years, Father to three remarkable young men. I am a Father-in-law of two wonderful Daughter in-laws. I have five grandchildren that call me PaDad. Yes, I am blessed. When I am not spending time with my clients, I like to fly fish and spend time with my Grandchildren and my wife, Nancy of 42 years.

“Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you are getting.”

If you don’t like your results, it’s time to change your system.

– Edwards Demming


If nothing changes, nothing changes

Your Journey to the Summit








Get equipped to scale your business

You want your company to grow. To do that, you need the best people, priorities and process to get there.
Most days, you wake up feeling defeated — you’ve invested time, energy and resources
in preparation for a well-deserved celebration.

Put an end to the wrong turns and dead ends. Get clear on your vision, align your people
and create a business with a lasting future.

● Build the right team
● Define the right vision
● Design the right plan
● Execute on the right priorities
● Enjoy your progress

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Mike Taylor

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